Radiant Warmer for Neonatal Care

Neonatal radiant warmer refers to nursing and warming equipment dedicated to newborns, premature infants, critically ill infants, and frail infants. It is equipped with an infrared radiation device to provide continuous warmth to the baby and limit the metabolism rate. Besides, the digital skin temperature sensor and the far-infrared temperature detector constantly monitor the surface …


Fast Know ECG waveform

When the heart beats, an electric current is first generated, causing a potential difference on the surface of the human body. These potential differences are recorded with an electrocardiograph, and the resulting pattern is called an electrocardiogram. ECG is widely used in clinical practice. It can not only record the electrical activity of the normal …


Excelim-04 | Neuronavigation System Allows Doctors to Get “Perspective”

The term neuronavigation is derived from navigation, which refers to relying on a real-time positioning system to select a simple and safe route to accurate approach during navigation. Similarly, applying the concepts and principles of navigation to neurosurgery operations, with computer image processing and surgical instrument tracking technology, can assist surgeons in optimizing the surgical …


How to Prevent Electrocautery Burns by Displacement of Grounding Pad?

In recent years, with the development of medical technology and clinical requirements, high-frequency electrosurgical units have been widely applied in surgical operations, but incidents of electrocautery burns occasionally occur. According to the statistics of the National Center for ADR Monitoring, China, nearly 70% of the suspicious medical events of the high-frequency electrosurgical unit from 2002 …


Blood Pressure Monitor or Mercury Sphygmomanometer?

Why We Recommend Blood Pressure Monitor or Mercury Sphygmomanometer? Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of hypertension: It is recommended to use a proven upper arm medical electronic sphygmomanometer, and the mercury column sphygmomanometer will be phased out; Although the auscultation method of blood pressure measurement has been used clinically for more than 100 years, …

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