How Neonatal Incubators are Used

A scientific way to create an environment with suitable temperature and humidity to increase the survival rate of immature babies and facilitate the growth and development of high-risk newborns. Babies Who Require Incubators: Babies whose birth weight is below 2500G. Abnormal newborns: newborns with scleredema and low body temperature. Conditions for Babies Leaving the Incubator …


How Heal Force Primary-Level Public Health Solution Strengthens Health Management

Since the promulgation of the “Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline” in 2016, health care institutions at all levels, civil affairs pensions, and service institutions have been exploring the construction and operation of intelligent health service platforms. As a well-known brand in the industry for “primary-level public health solutions”, Heal Force has long been committed to …


Say Goodbye to Pelvic floor Dysfunction

“Pregnant for 10 months, give birth at one time”, many mothers feel that the bitterness of pregnancy will naturally disappear after giving birth, but never thought that another embarrassment will come along. Leaking urine, lochia, a feeling of tension in the lower abdomen…For mothers, pelvic floor disorders seriously affect the quality of life. What is …


Telemedicine Solution of Heal Force

According to a report recently released by Business Insider, the global medical Internet of Things (IoMT) market is predicted to grow to US$158 billion in 2022, compared with US$41 billion in 2017, which shows the broad development prospects of the market. The analysis predicts that by the end of this year, the number of installed …


The Fourth Congress of the Workers and the Third Labor Union’s Second Congress at Heal Force!

Stand Bravely on the Tide, Take On the Mission, Start a New Chapter On January 29 of 2021, Heal Force held the Fourth Workers’ Congress and the Third Labor Union’s Second Congress! The cadres of the Federation of Trade Unions of Chonggu Town, Qingpu District came to attend. The conference reviewed and approved the “2021 Heal Force Wage Collective …


Community Health Center Solutions|Improving Public Health Management

Heal Force “Basic Public Health Solution” helps solve the problem of poverty caused by diseases for the poor, allowing residents to experience high-quality physical examination services and chronic disease integration at the villages and townships without leaving their homes. Heal Force Healthcare Cabin has multiple vital signs monitoring and software evaluation functions, and supports multiple …

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