Epidemic Warrior – Heal Force Won the 2020 Anti-epidemic Commendation Certificate!

recently, as working together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic become a major priority, Heal Force has been awarded by Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association – the 2020 Anti-epidemic Commendation Certificate and Commemorative Trophy. This is the recognition and affirmation of our efforts and responsibilities towards this epidemic! Since the emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic started …


National Standard -“General Principles for Performance Evaluation of Real-time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Instrument” Drafting Group Meeting Held at Heal Force

On March 22, 2021, the drafting working group meeting of the national standard “General Principles of Real-time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Instrument Performance Evaluation” was held at Heal Force in Shanghai, China. This meeting was held by the Secretary of the National Technical Committee of Industrial Process Measurement Control and Automation Standards and the Analytical Instrument …


The 129th Canton Fair | Join us online!

The 129th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair for short) will be held online from April 15 to 24, with the theme of “Global Share”, and will last for 10 days. The export exhibition of this year’s China Import and Export Fair has 50 exhibition areas according to 16 categories of commodities, and the …


Understanding the High-Frequency Electrosurgical Generators to the Well-Prepared Surgery

High-frequency electrosurgical generator is a surgical instrument that replaces mechanical scalpels for tissue cutting. When it comes into contact with human tissues through dense high-frequency currents, it produces a concentrated heating effect, which makes human tissues vaporize or burst to achieve the purpose of cutting and coagulation medical operation. The Role of High-Frequency Electrosurgical Generator …

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How to Make a Comprehensive Vaccine Cold Chain Storage Solution?

The current global demand of COVID-19 vaccine has reached 12-15 billion. As the successful development of COVID-19 vaccine on a large scale this year, its implementation is inevitably facing a huge test on the vaccine cold chain storage, transportation and handling globally. COVID-19 vaccines with an ultra-low temperature cold chain profile pose several challenges for many countries …

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[COVID-19 Solution] Mobile PCR Diagnostic Laboratory Construction Plan and Equipment List

“The laboratory environment has been characterized by ongoing rapid and dramatic innovation since the 1980s. There has been remarkable growth in the range and complexity of available tests and services, which is expected to continue. Laboratory technology is often at the forefront of medical advances. In some cases, testing techniques to diagnose or screen for …

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